As expected, the anti-Trump media is currently outraged by his comment that Jews who support Democratic anti-Semitic and anti-Israeli positions are “disloyal.” Trump’s might be disturbing to some, but not to those who understand what Judaism is about.

Judaism is based on a covenant with God, and on the relationship of Jews to each other and to the the land promised to them in the Hebrew bible, i.e. Israel (not Palestine, which is a pagan Roman term aimed at insulting the defeated Jews in the Revolt of 132-135 CE). It is not limited- as many Reform Jews believe- to notions of social justice. Tikkun Olam is not a social justice idea about “repairing the world.” It is a Kabbalistic term that refers to the Lurianic creation myth and one that is achieved by strict observance of Jewish law, something that Reform Jews know little about. What they are promoting is in fact an idea out of the Progressive play book that started in the 1960s, one which has been adopted by virtually all Reform Jews, and unfortunately by many Conservative ones as well.

The idea of supporting a boycott on Israel, which undoubtedly would lead to financial hardship and the suffering of Israeli Jews, is, as Trump suggests, frankly disloyal. As a Jew in America-or anywhere else for that matter-it is possible to disagree with the policies of the state of Israel, but it runs against the fundamental values of Judaism to cause other Jews to suffer as a result of such stances. Furthermore, as Judaism is primarily based on notions of family, it is not charitable to be more concerned with the well-being of others, e.g. Palestinians, than with one’s own kin. That’s not a Jewish concept.

So Trump is right. Furthermore, he is the most pro-Jewish President that this country has ever seen. To accuse of him of anti-Semitism is preposterous, and no real Jew would do so.

Unfortunately, for metaphysical reasons, Judaism defines who is a Jew by the accident of birth. It reasons that even “bad” Jews may see the light and behave properly. But it is the opinion of many Rabbinic sages that Jews who hold opinions that potentially harm other Jews have no rightful place in the Jewish community.

Traditional Jews have been patient-perhaps to a fault with their Progressive “co-religionists,” but the day may come when that will no longer be possible, as Reform Jews continue to move increasingly away from Judaism’s core values. There is good historical precedent for breaking with such “heretics,” Christianity being one, Karaism another. In the mean time, Jews who value their traditions and the state of Israel should applaud the President’s concerns and actions on behalf of the Jewish people and the state of Israel. I know for a fact that the vast majority of Israelis, both secular and religious, agree.

It may be asking too much for non-Jews to appreciate the distinctions between Judaism’s sects, but suffice it to say, the Progressive Jews in this country do not represent real Jewish values. They are ignorant concerning their religion and misguided in their actions. Jews in this country have generally been liberal and aligned with the Democratic party. But that party in 2019 is not the party of FDR. Jews who continue to vote for Democrats who like Omar, Talib, Sanders, etc. espouse anti-Semitic and anti-Israeli policies, are truly disloyal. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer may continue to pander to the Jewish vote, but in recent years only Donald Trump has done anything to support Jews and the state of Israel. So when a Jew votes for Progressive anti-Semites he or she is openly declaring that they are self-hating. Maybe they could either learn about what Judaism is or perhaps find another religion that better suits them. Real Jews will not miss them.

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