The title of this blog may sound like a fairy tale, but it’s not. It refers to the famous essay, the Fox and the Hedgehog, by the political critic Isaiah Berlin, which adopts the distinct goal-achieving strategies of these two animals as a metaphor for how history is made.

The hedgehog, according to Berlin, is monomaniacal in its approach. He has a grand design, but is largely unconcerned with the pragmatic details of how to achieve it. By contrast, the fox is focused on how to reach its goal. He adapts to changes that arise, and creatively modifies his approach to overcome them. It is not always easy to make one’s way into the hen house.

As one might imagine, when compared, in practice, foxes are more likely to succeed than hedgehogs. In this country, Abraham Lincoln was a fox, so was FDR; so is Donald Trump. Barack Obama was a hedgehog.

Today’s Progressives are hedgehogs on steroids. They are enamored with grand ideas like the Green New Deal, government sponsored health care, and open borders. Unfortunately, the details and costs involved in achieving their goals are ignored or dismissed as unimportant.

Contrast them with foxy Donald Trump. He is not an ideologue. He is a pragmatist who went from being a builder to running the greatest country on earth. He decides on a goal and then confronts whatever challenges and contextual changes may occur and creatively and flexibly adapts to them. Example? Despite seemingly endless layers of resistance, Trump will build the wall!”

So while Progressives dream about transforming America without a clue as to how to do it, Trump is “making America great again.” Progressives might learn a lesson from the Fox. He does not strive for perfection, he simply gets the job done.

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