Time is Precious: Don’t Waste It

Moscow Mitch? Certainly, the news media jests. But they don’t. Rather, they have become so unhinged from reality that no ridiculous accusation of treason, racism, etc. is considered as beyond the pale.

We’ve grown accustomed (as well as weary) of the daily accusations directed against Donald Trump) but now the media’s targets are expanding. Leader McConnell may be guilty of many things, (the press might consider looking into his economic ties to China), but being a stooge for Russia is not one of them. But why burden oneself with the truth, when you can always fall back on your 1st Amendment rights that they otherwise conveniently ignore.

The 1st Amendment that calls for freedom of the press was meant to protect those who sought to honestly educate and inform the public. America’s Founders never expected that it would be coopted to make unfounded and scandalous accusation against one’s political opponents. True, the press has not always been innocent of such practices but to divest all vestiges of honesty is a new and dangerous strategy.

The mainstream press has for many years now professed left-leaning proclivities, but today they are simply the source of outrageous propaganda primarily aimed at undermining Donald Trump and his supporters. Journalists are currently well out of touch with mainstream America, and are comprised of naive elites who cannot identify or accept objective truths.

So as Howard Beale in Paddy Chayefsky’s prescient film “Network” suggested, “Get up! Go to your TV sets and turn them off!” And while you’re at it , you might want to cancel your subscription to the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Boston Globe, or whatever rag your city offers that is controlled by a corporate conglomerate etc, as well as whatever comparable magazines you may currently be wasting your hard-earned money on. You will learn nothing true from any of them; they are propaganda machines, mouthpieces for a global elite; they are not your father’s news media. Indeed, a health alert is in order: they are peddling garbage and can infect you with the germ that is today’s Progressivism.

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